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Tobacco Industry

As active components of licorice, glycyrrhiza flavone and glycyrrhizic acid release special aroma compounds with sweet, floral, green, fruit and baking aroma, such as aldehyde ketones, acids, alcohols, esters and heterocyclic, in the process of thermal cracking, which will make important contributions to the flavor and quality of tobacco products. At the same time, they can cover unpleasent odors, enrich fragrance and moisten throat. Flavonoids can reduce or remove harmful components in tobacco smoke such as tar, nicotine, reactive oxygen free radicals and CO.


Licorice products are used as additives in the production of tobacco products, which can not only reduce irritation, cover unpleasent odors, improve the combustibility, strengthen the sweetness and moisture, and sweeten the aftertaste, but also reduce tar content and free radicals in tobacco smoke, thus to lower harm of tobacco to health.


Licorice and licorice products have been used in tobacco industry for a long time, while mainly licorice powder, extract and tinctures were used in the early time. With deepening studies on the application of licorice products in tobacco, licorice products with high content of glycyrrhizic acid are widely used in tobacco products as consumption requirements continues to increase, since low-purity licorice products may cause unnecessary medicinal and herbal flavor, which affect the quality of cigarettes.