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Early Civilisations and Licorice

2018/07/06 17:04
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Find out what early civilisations used licorice for
The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians and the ancient Chinese all used liquorice as a flavouring and a medicine.
In ancient China, liquorice was believed to give strength, prolong life and has been attributed to having divine powers of healing.
In Egypt the Pharaohs used liquorice to create a traditional drink called erqesos, which was consumed as a healing tonic.Ancient Greek and Roman Sweets included nougat and liquorice.
In the Buddhist religion, an infusion of liquorice root is used in the ceremony of bathing the statue of the Buddha on the morning of his birthday.Brahma, the Hindu god praised liquorice as a 'General tonic, cosmetic and elixir of life”.
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